“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
11 Mar, 2021


I had the occasion to arrange the wall decoration at a holiday rental house in my area, after working on the design of the logo and the sign.Since the timing to propose the wall art was very short, I experimented doing a series of collages simple glass framed.I enjoyed a lot this kind of procedure, […]

21 Feb, 2021


Crete’s second biggest activity after agriculture is tourism. There’s a lot of bars, hotels, rental houses and touristic shops. As an artist I had many commissions to do sign work, which demands accuracy upon using letter fonts, notions with materials designed for outdoor and struggle with setting them up. After wood panel cuttings, sanding and […]

27 Gen, 2021

wall paintings

Originally my first income for a living was doing wall decorations, paintings with acrylics for kid rooms, bed rooms, shops, bars and restaurants.It was very funny experiences, working under all weather conditions and most of the time on ladders keeping the balance between my colors in one hand and the brushes in the other. Projects […]

24 Gen, 2021


I have passion and patience in making mosaics. Some from recycled tiles, others from glass pieces. I have done back splashes for kitchens, part of floors, bathroom walls and icons for churches. Most were commissioned jobs.Here is a view of my works from the past years:

2 Ott, 2020

Winter in Crete

I’ve been living in Crete since 1999. In that year, on the first day of summer I arrived in the South of the Island for a short vacation, having no clue this holiday would change all my future life. Events went fast ahead as they do when you are young and building a family. More […]