Winter in Crete

I’ve been living in Crete since 1999. In that year, on the first day of summer I arrived in the South of the Island for a short vacation, having no clue this holiday would change all my future life. Events went fast ahead as they do when you are young and building a family.

More than 20 years has passed since. Many things evolved, except one, which remains the same feeling it once was. The love for Crete.
Nature never stops surprising me. The blue of the sky is never boring.
I can’t say we have a proper winter, as you would imagine it in the rest of Europe, but we get snow in the mountains and it can be quite fresh some days. We do need to heat up our houses in the night, but most days are still sunny and warm.

Some pics of Crete during winter

Lately I have been much appreciating this season, far more than the endless summer. The Island changes colors. From the dry yellow ochre, it turns into an incredible green all over, with flowers popping out everywhere. Each winter month has its own flowers. It’s a succession of smells and variety of species, of herbs and buzzing insects. It’s a celebration of life.

Inspiration for painting takes origin during this connection with Nature.

Paintings I’ve performed during winter 2019/2020 (for details go to the gallery)